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The finest blunts on Earth.

From start to finish this is an exceptional cannabis experience. Hand-crafted using the absolute highest quality flower, infused with live resin, wrapped in a hemp paper and finished with a glass-tip.

So smooth, so refined – it is almost hard to call them “blunt”

Not in California?

Our artisanal hemp flower blunts are made with all the same craftsmanship and quality as our infused line - just without the THC! A full-spectrum experience, chill vibes and one incredible smoke.

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Limited Edition

Your box contains 10 blunts from limited edition collaboration batches featuring our world-renowned partner growers. These Presidentes are infused with live resin from FOCUS concentrates – over 2 grams total per box. Hand-crafted with a glass-tip, these are the finest blunts available. The wrap is non-tobacco, all natural hemp for a smooth, flavorful smoke. 

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Welcome to Big Blunt Country

For the discerning smoker seeking the finest cannabis products, Blunt of the Month is pleased to curate collaborations with the absolute best growers and feature your favorite strains.

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Premium Flower

Premium Flower

We source flower from partner farms all over California to bring you the best of the best - chosen for potency and flavor.

Live Resin

Live Resin

We source live resin from our partners at FOCUS concentrates, who produce incredible High Terpene Extracts that maximize the flavor and potency of the experience.

Limited Editions

Limited Editions

All of our boxes are small batch limited edition runs made just for you. Order yours and smoke a piece of cannabis history.

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You’re going to want to hear about our upcoming limited edition collab boxes.

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